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Payroll Outsourcing & Consulting

Our Payroll Outsourcing & Consulting services involve comprehensive support for companies establishing and operating in Vietnam. The team looks after all compensation and benefits requirements, along with the documentation and compliance required for meeting the ongoing labour needs of a Vietnamese enterprise. We use integrated software to provide a full outsourced payroll service, relying on documented processes and procedures, backed by an experienced and knowledgeable team.


Services Provided

Our Payroll Outsourcing & Consulting services include:

Outsourced Payroll Services

An outsourced payroll service, based around a full-service model, removes the need for internal payroll or labour teams within most businesses. From staff take-on, monthly salary calculations and payments, leave documentation, departing staff and insurance claims, we provide a complete solution at a reduced cost compared to in-house teams. Using integrated software, salary calculations, leave requests, payroll slips, insurance obligations and other matters can be handled remotely and updates undertaken via web or app at the client level. 

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Compensation & Benefits Calculations and Processing

The calculation of the monthly payroll is not simply about releasing funds, but ensuring that all calculations and entitlements have been prepared in line with the law and reviewed at a professional level. A knowledge of the tax and insurance implications of each payment or allowance, allows effective planning and permits risk protection against inspections or audits. Our process for undertaking compensation and benefits planning and processing allows employers and employees to have full transparency and reliability in their data and financial implications.

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Statutory Insurance (Health, Unemployment and Social) registrations, calculations, compliance and reporting

The statutory obligations to calculate, withhold and remit Health, Unemployment and Social Insurances are both tedious and time consuming. Failure to meet the reporting or remitting deadlines, or making errors with calculations can have significant impacts for companies, and may result in the loss of benefits for employees. Our Insurance compliance process ensures that obligations are being met, and claims can be processed promptly, with reduced risks to all parties.

Labour Contracts, Renewals and Amendments

Understanding the requirements for Labour Contracts in Vietnam, from probation periods to notice periods, is something that the Domicile team advises and assists enterprises. Ensuring that an appropriate template structure is in place that doesn't unintentionally result in a indefinite term labour contract due to unintended amendments is just one of the items to be aware of when developing labour contract strategies.

Work Permits for Foreign Employees

Foreign individuals require Work Permits before they can commence any employment in Vietnam, unless they fall into one of the very limited exemption categories (and, even then, they may be required to obtain a Work Permit Exemption Certificate). Domicile can assist with Work Permits, and guide employees and employers through the requirements and the process.

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Internal Labour Procedures, Documentation and Compliance

The internal labour regulations and policies that exist within a company must be registered with the labour authorities and be in compliance with Vietnamese regulations. However, ensuring that these are consistent with global policies and regional practices can be a challenge. We work with multi-national employers to develop labour regulations and strategies to ensure compliance, yet retain flexibility to operate in accordance with global best practice.

Employment Advisory, Support and Assistance

During the employment process, or where the need to terminate an employee, external assistance is often necessary to ensure that processes are being undertaken in compliance with the laws, and that the employer is not exposing itself to unnecessary potential action from an employee. We offer ongoing assistance and support with regards to a wide range of situations and scenarios for employment matters.

Ongoing Labour Compliance & Reporting

There are numerous reports that are required to be lodged with authorities throughout a year - from half-yearly labour accident reports, to demand for foreign employees. We work with our clients to document a planning calendar so that all submissions and lodgements are met in the required timeframe.

Liaison with Labour and Insurance Authorities

When staff wish to make claims against their insurance, we are able to manage the entire process on behalf of employers, allowing our experience to ensure a smooth process. Similarly, when issues arise with the labour authorities, we work with them on your behalf for simplicity and practical outcomes.

Year-end Taxation Compliance and Finalisations

Employers are able to finalise the personal income tax on behalf of employees where they hold authorisations and the employees did not have multiple sources of income in the year. Further, employers have requirements to lodge annual reports on usage of withholding documents. Domicile can undertake all these exercises on behalf of employers.

Trade Union Compliance & Benefits

Trade Unions contributions are compulsory in Vietnam, whether or not a company has established an internal trade union or not. We can advise on the processes and obligations, and give best practice on how to manage the requirements for the best outcome for employers and employees.


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